Sunday, June 7, 2020

let's make postcards

Hello! Welcome to my Let's Make Sunday Series where I'm sharing easy projects to make from things you are likely to already have at home. During this time, it's especially nice to reach out to people in various ways so I thought it would be fun to make postcards.

This project starts humbly using thin cardboard boxes from food and drink packaging.

You will need:
Empty cardboard package

Most postcards seem to measure at 4x6 inches so I hunted through the recycling bin and found boxes from graham crackers and seltzer that were graphically pleasing on their own. I flattened the boxes, opened them up at the seams, and then measured and cut into 4x6" rectangles.

Using an existing postcard as my guide, I flipped each card to the brown cardboard side and drew a line to set aside space for postage and the recipient's address. If you like the graphics on the front, your postcard is ready to write and send.

I decided to cover the packaging side with white paper to conceal the graphics, creating a blank canvas on which to decorate with a collage of paper scraps and stickers.

When you make things with paper, even the scrappy mess is pretty!

I added a few stickers to my collage, too. Be sure that any paper flaps are secured with glue or even clear tape so that your masterpiece doesn't arrive torn.

You can even buy post card stamps online.

This project appears in my second book Seaside Tinkered Treasures (CICO Books) as Cracker Box Postcards on page 80.

Surprise someone with a postcard. I'm sure they'll be glad you did. 

Happy tinkering + please stay safe at home + well!


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