Wednesday, November 12, 2014

interview with my "page buddy" linda peterson, author of upcycled jewelry, bags, belts and more!

Ooh la la! Isn't this so cool? It's from a new book called Upcycled Jewelry, Bags, Belts, and More by Linda Peterson. I'm so happy to be part of this blog tour especially since Linda and I both like making wonderful somethings out of everyday nothings.

Pretty Linda the YouTube Star!
I almost feel like Linda and I are co-workers because we share the same publisher, CICO Books. Linda calls us Page Buddies since our books are neighbors in the CICO Books catalog. I love that! As a stop on Linda's online book tour I thought it would be fun to interview her. In between I'll share some of my favorite projects from her latest effort. The entire book is really cool and very inventive.

Hi Linda! How fun to be acquainted with another CICO Books author. As soon as your cool book arrived in the mail, I thought, yep 35 projects! Which is of course, the standard CICO format. I think your book is brilliant and our MO's of making beauty from the everyday is quite similar!

Hi Elyse! I'm so glad to be able to talk to a fellow CICO author! Congratulations on being on the Amazon Best Seller List for Craft and Hobbies! That's AWESOME!! 

I can't help but check my rankings constantly. Thank you! 

Thanks for the sweet compliments on my book. We do have the same MO of making beauty from the ordinary! I absolutely love and adore your style. It speaks to my heart. I was raised in a family who loved pretty, dainty little things and knick knacks everywhere. It reminds me of my great childhood. But, I don't think my husband, who is an avid outdoorsman appreciates the dainty quite as much as me so in order to reach a compromise in our decor, I tend to create with a little more upcycle, rustic, kind of industrial style and every once in a while when he isn't looking, I throw in some dainty stuff. I think he's okay with that.  

That's awesome, Linda. I love how in your introduction you describe your "rat-packing" ways because it's so true that when recyclable items is a main supply source, you begin to walk a fine line with hoarding. I actually have baskets of jars and cans and even colorful plastic bags, so I'm right there with you. As you know, I call what I like to do "tinkering" and was wondering if you had a stock term that you use for yourself?

We have this great little farm in Iowa where there are tons of what I call "treasure ditches". Full of thrown away things like old metal pans, real tin cans, bed springs and the like. It's where my upcycling addiction kinda took off.

As for what I call my addiction? I'm not sure I have a specific name for it, dare I call it hoarding? Hmmm... It is hard to keep a balance. I keep a tub of cans, a tub for rusty metal etc. I try to keep the rule that when the tub fills up, sometime has to get thrown out before a new item is placed in there. Ordinary things, I don't tend to keep as much like soda cans, etc. unless they're from another country or have great artwork on them. However, just dumpster diving, you do pick up those things out of the ordinary that have potential for something in the future - that's kinda a problem if you don't have a lot of storage space. 
lone star earrings

That's why upcycling jewelry is a perfect balance. Find objects, keep them small, make really fun and trendy jewelry! 

When I created my books for CICO, I took step by step pictures which I emailed to be illustrated for the instructions but all of the projects were shipped from RI to the UK for shooting and styling on-location. Lots of trust on both ends. Tell me about your process.

After working out the concept of the book with the publisher, I create the first 10 projects which are sent to the UK to begin work on the blad (a little booklet that gives an overview of the book). From those projects they create the front and back cover. It takes me a good solid 8 to 10 weeks to create all the projects in the book. I actually like to create a little more, then I exchange projects based on complexity, or maybe I think another one will fit the theme better, etc. 

When all the projects are done, I hop a plane to the London where I meet up with my editorial team and photography team. We outline the book, shoot all the photographs and write all the draft copy in about a week. The projects all stay in the UK and are sent to a stylist and a styling photographer, however I come home then with the step-out photos, the draft copy and I fill in the gaps, write my intros and romance copy. This generally takes a good 2 weeks at the computer to get everything down right so that it's logical and explained well. I like to leave the book rest a few days and before I send the copy over to the publisher, I read it over and double check what I wrote. 

loop de loop ring from a BICYCLE INNER TUBE!
Next, the copy, photos, tips and styled photographs are sent to a book designer who lays out the book. After a few weeks, I get a PDF preview copy where I can make any changes or give additional input. The publishers are so kind to take my input. Sometimes, they adjust things with my suggestions and other times they don't. But, I always get a good reason as to why not and I learn from them about what works and what doesn't. In all honesty though, I leave a lot of that up to them as they are the book publishing professionals.  

The books go through a series of proofreaders to make sure that everything is clear and understandable and follows a consistent format. Finally it goes to press! This whole process takes less than a year - which is incredible in the book publishing industry. 

cell phone pouch
I have always been impressed with CICO books. I am proud to have my name on them. They are truly the best at what they do! And I have to give a shout out to Marie Clayton - OUR editor! I have worked with Marie on all my books and she is so great at what she does. She really puts a lot of time in to making the books successful as well - See that's another thing we have in common! :) 

I agree. CICO assembles an extraordinary team of people. I couldn't be happier with how lovely my books are.

I think I enjoy the making just as much as the writing of the books. How about you?

I LOVE ...THRIVE on this whole process! I love the making process, and really I don't even mind the writing process. I thrive on the challenge and when the books are finished, there is a big sense of accomplishment and I'm ready to do it all over again!

Like I always say, creating a craft book isn't like brick-laying but it sure is a lot of work but quite a labor of love.

Warmest congrats to Linda on her new book Upcycled Jewelry, Bags, Belts and More. I am so making the cell phone case first!



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