Tuesday, September 17, 2013

book party prep

Tinkered Treasures Book Party
Hello! I am busy getting everything ready to celebrate my first book Tinkered Treasures on Thursday! This is the first time I've coordinated something like this for myself in years (no superheroes or laser tag here) and I hope it all comes together as envisioned!

Using my own book as my resource, I've been making favors like these pretty and easy-peasy bookmarks

and tinkering cans aka desk tidies to serve as vases (to be filled with flowers by party sponsor Blooming Blossoms!) ...

 preparing items like pretty clothespins, gathering supplies for the Craft Buffet spread ...

Ballerinas courtesy of Speckled Egg
and making cupcake flags to festoon sweet treats that include macaroons, cookies and more!

Wish me luck! And if you're in the Providence, Rhode Island area, please attend! Warmest appreciation to all party sponsors (see below) and to Anisa, Pernilla and Line for their enthusiasm, support and energy!



Sandi said...

I am so thrilled that I got a taste of this in my mailbox a few days ago!! Love it all!!

Diane Mars said...

I sure wish I lived close by I would be there in a flash! You are going to impress the heck out of everyone, I love all the goodies you have tinkered together! Please take lots of pictures to share with us.

Katy Noelle said...

You just have to know that I have seriously thought several times, now, of how to get down to this!! (We are SO dang penny pinched at the moment... =P ) I've been loving seeing your excitement and plans coming together for this on FB! =) And, of course, I wish you and your guests loads of joy and fun at the prettiest party ever!! =)


vintage girl at heart said...

it looks so delish! enjoy and congrats on your book!

NanaDiana said...

OH! How I would love to be there and attend. Your creations and ideas are always just magical- xo Diana

debi said...

Looks like it will be lots of fun and pretty eye candy! Congrats, and have a great time!

SLR said...

i would come in a heartbeat if I were in RI! the supplies look swoony and the festivities and treats sound lovely. wishing you the best party ever - CONGRATS!!

Amy C said...

oh such prettiness and fabulousness!

Rose Brier Studio said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your book party. If the prep photos are any indication, it was amazing. I think we need to have a book party on the cape next summer. It even looks like I will revive my shop, so lets talk.
much love & you deserve all of this!