Thursday, June 11, 2009

remaking a memory (board)

This might not look pretty from behind . . .

But I like how it looks in the front!

This memory board has gone through a couple of makeovers. It was originally baby blue gingham purchased for our first baby boy's room. Just about 2 years ago I recovered it in a raspberry paisley for the Girlie Office. But slowly pale aqua is taking over!

My sweet friend Shellie is going to cover buttons in the same fabric to replace the white thumbtacks I am currently using. Hole-punched paper is affixed to the thumbtacks which hold the seam binding to the board.

I ordered the pretty fabric from Shabby Fabrics and just can't get enough of it! I prefer to use the reverse side because I like how it looks faded and soft.

Shellie and I are doing a little crafty trade: she's going to make a shabbyrific pillow using the same aqua fabric for me and I am going to shabbify some drawer pulls for her daughter's room.

{I still haven't made anything with my sewing machine from Christmas '07. Must conquer pattern-phobia! Any suggestions?}

"Make something with me already!!!"



LiLi M. said...

Great to start with are: lavender hearts. Easy, and you can give them to everybody, the fabric 'makes' the heart. Fabric banners, pin cushions, pillows and this can all be one without (difficult) paterns. Oh and do you know Tilda?
Great fabric!

Beki said...

Love the pin board, guess what i'm doing tonight 'hehe'!
I agree with Lili M, hearts are a great way to start but I must admit, I prefer to do mine by hand. That's because i'm too scared to use the machine lol.
Big ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Lori said...

Elyse, your memory board is adorable...i can't believe that cute fabric isn't inspiring you to make something...just do it!!!


I'm scared to sew too! The memory board looks so pretty and I love that fabric(; Stop by if ya want, I'm having my first giveaway!

Unknown said...

Oh Elyse, I am in love with that fabric too! How gorgeous! Aqua and pink, my favorite! Love the memory board, you did such a beautiful job with it!


debi said...

Love your memory board...that's soooo pretty! And thanks for the link to the lovely fabric...I'll definitely go broke there! hehe!

Brenda Pruitt said...

I use to make quilts. I would just start with a square and keep on going. Never really cared for patterns. Just confused me. I preferred to begin the journey and just see where it took me. I have many quilts now!

Penny said...

I always enjoy your blog and today when I read about your pattern phobia I had to laugh out loud. I could never sew. I was asked by my high school sewing teacher to please transfer to another class. I would walk into the room and the machine would literally fall apart. Fast forward 30 years and I bought myself a sewing machine and just decided I wanted to be able to make curtains and pillows the material I wanted. I have taught myself to sew and just do it the way I can do it. Relax, have fun and you will soon overcome your own sewing machine trauma. Penny

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Love your memory board makeover! Very cute. That fabric reminds me of Cath Kidson fabric.

I am not much of a sewer, but once you start it is not too

Anonymous said...

I love that fabric! the memory board is so sweet, the other stuff you used the fabric on is sweet too.

ps.. I'm having an anniversary giveaway on my blog right now so run on over to visit!

:) Missy

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I love your memo board and that fabric...and on sewing? My recommendation is start with something fairly simple to get to know your machine. A simple tie waist apron, perhaps? Or a valance, burp cloths for a baby gift? That's the best way to learn how it all works and build up your confidence. If you try to make something too complicated at the beginning, you may become too discouraged! (I started sewing as an expectant first time mother: and I started out making bibs and receiving blankets, and little flannel nightsacks! Special memories!)

Terri said...

I am so excited...I have my first cute button on my blog from such a great blogging friend. I am still working on the tutorial..the parties really have me wrapped up. I love your idea board! I need to make on of those!

Lisa said...

As I was admiring your lovely fabric on the frame I got from you I was wondering where you get your fabric! Thanks for sharing! You just knew I needed to know! hehehe

Lisa said...

That fabric is fab! And the memory board is very sweet. Don't you love to re-do? Good luck with the sewing machine. I have decided that sewing, in any form whatsoever, is NOT my thing :O)

Angie said...

I had to giggle at this post because I have a message board that I have redone about 4 times now and it has been in 4 different spaces! I go through fabric and color phases, too. I am sooo glad I am not alone. What about making just a simple square pillow on your sewing machine? I am gonna ask for a sewing machine from Santa this year because I so want to make some curtains!

Hugs~ Angie

p.s. if you want, stop on over and sign up for my ends Saturday!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hello Lovie~ I'm a little behind on making rounds to my favorite blogs.....saw your "pattern phobia". If you werent so darn far I woudl teach you. Any plans to come to CA?

Claudia said...

I love the memory board - oh, Elyse, I am with you on the aqua love. I feel it is taking over my life. It just makes me happy! Oh, and to answer your question from about a week ago (Sorry for the delay) no, I don't think your blog looks too busy. It is perfect. It clearly represents you and what you create and besides that, it makes me happy!

fairiemoon said...

OOOooooo! It is so pretty! We have such similar tastes! I wish my whole house looked so pretty and fresh!
Erin :)

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Your memory board turned out so sweet Elyse and your boys are darling! I bet they LOVE their Mommy!


Anonymous said...

I WILL get you in front of that machine!

I got the buttons on Fri - ready to be covered. Should we try one more coffee before school is done?? Mine are out on Wed.. EEEPS!!


Unknown said...

YOur memory board is cute. That is so nice of your friend to cover buttons for you.

I need to get a sewing machine, myself, so I'm no help in the pattern phobia dept, LOL! I haven't sewed in a VERY long time! :)

Sandi said...

Oh my ...a new sewing machine and nothing to sew? Quite a dilema! You could always make a half apron. Those are fun!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday!"Health,Wealth and Love.."

maidenshade said...

Happy Pink Satur-unday. I love your photos, how perfect for PS.

Got a minute? Pour a cuppa, pull up a comfy chair and please stop by - I love company.


Anonymous said...

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