Thursday, April 30, 2009


As I write this post I am trying to make a decision. I have a sisters weekend planned for the Jersey shore (wonderful cottage-y shops, even an Anthropologie en route from the airport) for this weekend but now I'm not sure whether or not to go because of swine flu reports and advisories. Well, in the meantime here's my latest post ...

Instead of Rock-Paper-Scissors, today I am playing Wire-Paper-Glitter. Not sure what beats what, though?

I picked up this beautiful iron wire basket in antique pink at my new favorite local shop, the greenery. (Attention admirers of weathered wire: there is still 1 available in white!)

I hung it from the pegs in my kitchen but wasn't quite sure what to place inside. Too far from the stove for cooking utensils; too in-reach for the boys for gardening tools; I decided on some faux wildflowers that I wrapped in a piece of newspaper. What do you think?

I just received this fabulous catalog from Cath Kidston. It's like a magazine devoted to fun florals and polka dots. There are even pretty dish gloves! Currently there are no shops in the U.S. I had to request a catalog (free online) after seeing the cover at Fitty's blog!

Closer to home, I found Cath Kidston napkins at the good HomeGoods.


My oldest sister brings me things to tinker with for her. Last visit she left behind two small, dark metal birds. I wish I'd thought to take a true "before" picture. I painted them blue with white bellies and then completely sugared-them up with glitter.
[Betsy: No peeking below!]

I thought it would be fun to pack them up in a plastic berry container that I had saved for possibilities.

I'll let you know if the little birds and I keep our plans for the weekend!


[To answer a few questions: My essay in Romantic Homes will appear in the June issue. I don't think it's on newsstands yet. Thank you SO MUCH for asking!]

Added 5/1/09
Happy May Day! I am going to New Jersey! See you in a few days, Sweeties! xo


Anonymous said...

I love your basket with the wrapped flowers- how clever. Those blue birds are just the sweetest! You are so very creative and then to package them in the berry container!! I am off to dig in the garbage can for those 2 berry container I threw away!!

Congrats on your post in Romantic Homes- My sub. must have run out as I have not received mine mag yet- will have to check on that!


debi said...

Elyse, I love the wire basket and I think it looks wonderful the way you did the flowers in it. And the little sugared birds are so the way you packaged them.
If you go, have a great trip!

Lisa said...

Love the basket! and your little sugary blue birds. Very cute!

Lori said...

ok, do NOT quote me...or anything...but, i think people are going a little nutters about the swine flu...over 30,000 people die every year from the regular we stop traveling during flu season...uhhhhh, NO!!! i think the hype is a clever diversion tactic to draw attention away from other issues far more pressing and with longer range consequences...the economy for one...anyhoo, i think you should go and have fun with your sisters...those birds are just precious...glitter is i right?...LOVE the basket too!!!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Elyse Hi! I love your basket! moreover it is in pink colour! wish I could find one like yours here at my side of the world! and the blue birds are pretty! i love that too

and yippeeee for Cath Kidston catalog! am so glad that you got yours and wish to find some of her thingies here!..

have a good weekend & take care!

Sonia said...

Boy, I really shouldn't throw ANYTHING away. I love the way you utilised the berry container and the bird are too cute. The basket with flowers is cute too.
I look forward to read your essay on Romantic Homes.

luckygirlgifts said...

hi again,
I agree with Lori, It's really just the flew, same symptons as all the other ones. Same treatment too. Antibiotics that work perfectly. I'd go, have a fantastic time.

YOur birds are precious! As always!!!
Cari B.

Marie De Marco said...

love the birds. congrats on the essay. what part of the jersey shore will you be visiting? big sidewalk sales going on in my town point pleasant.

tam said...

Hi Elyse girl!
Loved your post! The wire basket and fowers-darling! Kath Kidson-Yay soooo cool-I dig on her stuff-hope you share with us what you get? Your sister is going to love her blue sparkly birdies-cuzz I know I do! The packaging is perfectly adorable too! Congrats on the Romantic Homes article-how cool is that!?!You Rock Girl!~Smiles~Tam!

Stephenie said...

I just love the wire basket and the flowers are soooo pretty...Those blue birds are just to cute...I'll have to check out that book...Love the cover..

Unknown said...

Elyse: Just wanted to let you know that my clips arrives and are already hard at work!
Love what you did with those birds.

Unknown said...

ELYSE, I have already received my copy of Romantic Homes last week and you were fabulous!! You are such a talented writer!

love THE BASKET WITH THE FLOWERS IN IT!!! And your idea for the birds is amazing! I love your style so much!! I put my items I purchased from you on my blog a couple of posts below :) I just love my purchases from you!

Unknown said...

Elyse, I was thinking, it would be wonderful to have a magnetized set of your clips! Great for hanging my boys artwork and school papers up on the fridge :)

Fete et Fleur said...

What sweetiepie birds!!


Brenda Kula said...

Oh, I want that catalog! I'm going in search of it online right now.

Betty Jo said...

I adore your basket hanging there with the wildflowers wrapped in newsprint! Cute, cute, cute little birdies too. If you do go, have a wonderful and safe trip. ♥

fairiemoon said...

What I think about your new web design is that it is fab! I wish I knew how to do wallpaper. Plain color is just too dull.

I went to the Cath Kidston website, ordered my own catalog and found my dream dinnerware. IT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and NO OTHER dinnerware will do now. I am in love and it is going to be a costly obsession...sniff. I tried to get people to chip in to give them to me for my birthday...but everyone thought I was crazy-azy.

Erin :)

Anonymous said...

Well, after you were in my shop, I had to check out the the wire I have to check Etsy...

But...above all, it was exciting to meet someone whose article was in the magazine that I was selling in the shop!
Hope to see you on your next trip to NJ!

Unknown said...

What a cute basket! Love the bluebirds! What a cute idea! :)

Wendy said...

All of your treasures are so fun! Have a great time in Jersey!

Natasha Burns said...

The basket with wrapped flowers is sweet!
(I too don't know who wins in paper glitter wire, lol!)
Thanks for the Kidston link! I signed up over a year ago and never received a catalogue, so signed up again. this time I got a confirmation email... fingers crossed!

Elyse said...

Aww, Big Sis, everything looks great. I love glitter-izing everything :) And that new wire basket is just gorgeous. Perfect for holding a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Have you ever thought about creating your own cake stands? I know, I know, my mind has a tendency to wander to food. I've been thinking about cake stands a lot lately. Anyway, you're so creative, I thought I'd get your reaction! xo, Lysie

The Davidson Den said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my place for Frugal Friday. I LOVE your site, by the way. Of course, I can't help but be intimidated by your amazing craftiness and creative flair!! I can tell you are pretty amazing. I'll be back!

Lori said...

I LOVE your blog! Very inspiring. I just started my own blog The Creative Cottage but it's a work in progress--just started it the other day. I love collecting vintage items and perusing yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores for unique items to use in my home. I love the cottage style of decorating!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Elyse! I love the your new blog look...sooooooo YOU!

Love ya!
Maryjane xox

Amy C said...

all sweet & fun stuff - I may have to order myself a Kidston catalog too, thanks for the tip.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Ahh... lovely I have "met" an official tinker! Blessings from Amy and keep creating.

shabbyscraps said...

OMG, that pink basket is to die for!
xoxo, Tiffany

casapinka said...

can't believe you found cath kidston at homegoods. now THAT is a score! found your blog via rikidsinfo comment. didn't realize there was now a carousel in riverside. probably going to go get donuts and then brave the rain to visit. thanks!

Cindy said...

This turned out adorably! I love the oclors and I'm a sucker for those berry containers too! :D

yap cat

cottage farm villa said...

Elyse, I haven't visited in a bit, due to my schedule.....I missed ALOT! These little glitter birds are just sooo sweet!