Tuesday, June 2, 2015

a fête for fifi to celebrate prairie-style weddings!

Just about a month ago, I had the honor of co-hosting a truly lovely event with my friend and frequent collaborator Nancy Chace, owner of Sea Rose Cottage: a celebration of Fifi O'Neill's newest book Prairie-Style Weddings.
Me, Fifi and Nancy
The idea was the brainchild of Nancy's, who brought the idea to Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum in her home town of Bristol, Rhode Island. Before long a date was set and the wheels were in motion.

Nancy and I each took on different tasks so that all Fifi would need to do was bring her sweet self and a pen!

I always like the idea of SWAG bags and so we put out a call to action on social media and were so happy with the generous response!

Prairie Pouches from Sew Extra-Ordinary Sewist
Beautifully wrapped bracelets from Chanel's Shabby Rose
Appliques from Efex U.S.A.
Lovely lavender sachets (more like pillows!) from Vintage Lizzie
Lots of little extras from Blithewold!
In addition to bag-fillers, artisans offered their time, efforts and supplies to make our event extra special...

Carol Riley of Bristol-Cottage created this lovely wedding dress inspired by the book
A make-and-take table of vintage supplies from Hearts of Assemblage
Julie Christina of Blithewold added her special touches to the celebration with an elegant selection of nibbles and sips...
Cucumber sandwiches with fresh dill, a simple cake turned stunning with raspberries, lemonade-pomegranate punch served in a flipped cake pedestal! I proclaim raspberries are the glitter of the fruit world! They elevate anything to swoonworthy!

Nancy gave dollar store frames a quick coat of paint and propped them in easels to post collages of book images at related stations throughout the venue. Genius!

It was one of those rare occasions that went even better than planned!

Cocktail napkins from Oriental Trading
Thank you to the fabulous Fifi for being such a mentor to me; she demonstrates such a pay-it-forward, gracious, love what you do life, and I'm so happy to have her as my Fairygodmother. Thank you Nancy, my co-host and pal in this and upcoming projects. It's nice to have friends that are as crazybusy as yourself (and still willing to take on more despite the restriction of 24 hours in a day)! Thank you to our many sponsors, attendees and well-wishers near and far. To The Providence Journal for the great press. To Julie and her team at Blithewold (rhymes with "old") for making elegance look effortless and to Allan Millora Photography for these stunning photos!

Um, I think I've covered everything! If not, there's always the Edit Post button.

Happy June wishes!



Arletta Freeze said...

Oh! Lovely pictures! I sew enjoyed making the Prairie Pouches, as you already know. I'm sure it was a grand event.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home said...

What a wonderful event! Wish I lived nearby!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

A magical prairie wedding wonderland...so glad it was a fun day!

NanaDiana said...

GREAT pictures. How fun to spend time with Fifi! What a great event that was. Glad you had fun! xo Diana

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful post! LOVE so many things throughout but those frames are TOO cute and easy to copy, wink wink! Have a blessed day dear Elyse, HUGS!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Perfection. Absolutely beautiful!

The Blue Farmhouse said...

All I can think to say is "Wow". So beautiful and creative!

Danielle said...

Such a fun day and a beautiful recap! It was truly magical at Blithewold and meeting Fifi. Oh, and of course, catching up with you and Nancy. xx

Kit said...

Oh my goodness! Such wonderful ideas and so very beautiful! And that wedding dress is incredible. If I were 40 years younger and getting married, that would be the dress. :) Kit

Khush Interis said...

This is the place for a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was held in the dining hall, which commands a breath-taking view of the city. I only wish I appreciated Malibu wedding venue more when I was there. Oh well. You live and learn.

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