Monday, March 31, 2014

interview with prairie founder fifi o'neill

Prairie is back by popular demand! Followers of Romantic Prairie Style founder Fifi O'Neill, are sure to swoon over the 144 pages of beautifully photographed stories and nine fabulous homes from coast to coast and Canada. More book than magazine and printed on high-quality paper, this publication is a real treat!
Fifi and me, Barrington, RI, fall 2013
I was fortunate enough to visit Fifi during while she was on location in Barrington, Rhode Island. Last week while chatting on the phone (Somewhere in my youth or childhood ... I must've done something good ...) I proposed the idea of posting an interview to talk about the return of Prairie and the style in general. Fifi graciously provided not only answers but sneak peeks!
For behind the scenes info and more, visit Fifi's post Catching Up
In a nutshell, how would you describe the decor style you have coined Prairie Style?
From taking stock in the environment, respecting traditions, and honoring the past, Prairie Style is the reflection of the American spirit of ingenuity and individuality. These enduring qualities translate into a unique aesthetic in homes with character and grace, refined rusticity, primitive charm and country flair wherever they may be located.
Prairie Style can be colorful!
What are your favorite elements of Prairie Style?
It has been said that what goes around comes around and nowhere is it more evident than in the manner in which Prairie style embraces humble materials, handcrafted objects, and homespun accessories. Reclaiming, reinventing, repurposing, and resourcefulness are among the hallmarks that define and make Prairie style uniquely current and exemplify the new American country.
What are the best places to shop or look to bring a Prairie look to one’s home?
You can easily find inexpensive furnishings and accessories in secondhand and antique shops, flea markets, barn sales, architectural and salvage outlets, and even yard sales.
I love how the new magazine includes homes, people, places food and more! Your round-up of artisans for this issue is so interesting – from beekeepers to woodworkers, farmers and more. Traveling for photo shoots must have felt like a field trip at times. Did you try your hand at any activities that were new to you or sample a new dish?
Yes, you are so right! Many photo shoots have a wonderful 'field trip' feel but, unfortunately, I don't get much of a chance to experiment with the activities! However, I do get to taste some of the yummy recipes.
My article!
I’m also excited to have written an article for Prairie about the Grilli home right here in my beloved Ocean State. It just shows how this aesthetic can happen anywhere. Do you have any tips for infusing this style in an unlikely place? Like, how could a tiny city apartment achieve a Prairie look?
I am not going to give you all our secrets but when you read the issue you will see how well people incorporate Prairie style in their interiors. In the issue, we celebrate the unbridled creativity with which homeowners instill personality and their own brand of sophistication into their homes in ways that elevate each from basic to beautiful, regardless of their location. You will be surprised to discover how easy and effective it is. But, to sum it up, the Prince of the Prairie himself said it best: "There is a way of living that has a certain grace and beauty. It's not a constant race for what is next, rather an appreciation of what has come before."-Ralph Lauren
That's beautiful.
Thank you so much to the fabulous Fifi for answering my questions, providing these gorgeous peeks and for being such a special presence in my life!

Limited run on newsstands soon, or visit this link to order your copy.



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Great post, Elyse! Fifi contacted me about spreading the word about the new PS magazine. It was so nice to chat with her again! I ordered three copies so I could give a couple away. Did she tell you that the sales of THIS issue will depend on whether or not she'll publish another issue? More reason to order more than one! :)

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