Sunday, April 12, 2020

let's make napkin holders

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. Life in quarantine is casual for the most part but I always feel better about myself and life in general when making even the slightest effort toward normalcy. Little acts like wearing earrings, putting on blush, even setting the table. Today, let's make napkin holders, even if they're for paper napkins for dinner on the couch.

You will need:
Images of vintage seed packets
Decorative paper
Thin cardboard
Glue stick
Pen for making creases
Baker’s twine (or yarn)

Find + print images
Look online for images of vintage seed packets. Here are some that I collected. Just click and download.

Upload into a word processing program and experiment with sizing before printing out.

Build a base
You are essentially constructing the rigid sleeve of a matchbox cover. Determine a standard size (approximately 2.5” x 3.5” shown) and use cardboard that is sturdy yet pliable (think: inserts that come with calendars or pressed shirts, even a cereal or cracker box). The first napkin holder can be tricky so after it's all set you can use it as a template for the others. Sharpen folds with a pen.

Once the base is all set, cover with decorative paper.

Glue the seed packet image to the top cover and trim to fit, if needed.

Complete by tying with a piece of baker’s twine around the box in a bow.

Ready, set, dine
Stuff holder with a napkin and cutlery. Assemble a cheerful table setting using scraps of fabric as napkins, a floral sheet for a table cloth, sprigs of flowers or twigs from outside, mismatched party ware – it all works!

And if fashioning a folded holder isn't your bag, just make a paper loop around the napkin and cutlery and tape together – fast-food restaurant style – but with charm!

This project was developed for the Spring 2015 issue of Cottage Gardener magazine.

Happy tinkering + please stay safe at home + well!


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