Sunday, April 19, 2020

let's make bottle cap magnets

Hello! I hope this blog post finds everyone feeling well. Today's project revolves around bottle caps and ideas how to tinker them into something pretty. Don't let the long list of supplies scare you away, this project can be as simple as you want it to be.

You will need:
Bottle caps
Math compass
Scissors or paper punch
White glitter

In a nutshell {or bottle cap} you want to cut a circle from decorative paper and place into the bottle cap. For a perfect fit, use a math compass.

If using a math compass: Create a fine line and cut out your circle from paper.

If you have this 1-inch scalloped hole punch from Martha Stewart Crafts it creates the perfect insert.

Dab a tiny bit of glue inside the cap before inserting the paper circle to fix in place. If you want to add glitter, swipe some glue over the paper insert, sprinkle glitter on, and then shake off.

And now you have your lovely bottle cap!

Here is how it appeared all styled and photographed in Tinkered Treasures* {page 64}. To turn your bottle cap into a magnet, glue a magnet to the back. Look through your "junk drawer" – chances are good that you have some flimsy free magnet that you can repurpose for this project.

Other ideas
Use to decorate a flat picture frame
Line the flat face of a shelf
Turn into jewelry, perhaps a pin

Make a miniature wall clock

Download and print-out or draw a clock face on paper and insert into a bottle cap.

It won't keep time but who cares!

Happy tinkering + please stay safe at home + well!


*Looking for a copy? Please consider first checking your local independent bookstore or try Barnes & Noble before buying from a big retailer like Amazon. Shop small, buy local.

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