Saturday, March 3, 2018

words to live by

Back in January I stated that "flourish" would be my guiding word for 2018. And just like that "healthier eating plan" that hasn't quite taken hold, I need to keep reminding myself that each moment is a fresh start to live the life I want, to thrive and to flourish. And like those containers of walnuts and berries at the ready, I've been keeping the word flourish close by.

Recently I hosted my very first at-home Crafternoon. What took me so long? I invited my closest friends from high school {Cindy, Ann, and Lorraine} and asked everyone to let me know a word inspiring to them. I decided that we would make paper collages on blank art canvases using our words. I always find cutting and pasting paper so relaxing and uncomplicated, making it a perfect project that wouldn't prohibit conversation.

I placed words over images that I thought would be appealing to each friend and printed them out. I accomplished this using PicMonkey (website or app) but any word processing program will do, or of course, good ol' stamps and ink. A buffet of paper was assembled -- everything from old calendars to scrapbooking paper to vintage French dictionary pages.

There were bouquets of scissors, vases filled with rolls of patterned fabric tape and glue sticks, and you know I was in-the-moment because I barely took any photos!

A pot-luck lunch kicked-off our agenda. An inexpensive party tablecloth from Target kept things fuss-free and cheerful. This was also a birthday luncheon so there were cupcakes to look forward to once the tinkering was done.

I love how each piece turned out and how they're all so unique and personal to us. {Click to enlarge}

Making time for friends and creativity seems like part of a good plan to flourish in the year ahead.

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Theresa said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me:) Have a beautiful Sunday dear Elyse, HUGS!

theresa said...

What a great idea. I follow you all over the place, lol and have 2 of your books and if you ever get down to Florida for a book tour or craft session or whatever.... I would love to attend!And you have reminded me that I have to do more to keep my 2018 word at the ready (and tnh... i wrote it down and now can't remember it!) keep tinkering and sharing with us! xo

It's me said...

Beautiful....have a Nice sunday .....and enjoy the week love Ria ❤️

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I love craft afternoons or evenings with friend olds and new! It is the best medicine for our creative health!