Monday, March 2, 2015

sew pretty: torie jayne's stylish home sewing

I have a sewing machine, piles of pretty fabric, and trimming and buttons -- but as you may already know -- I'm a sew-a-phobe. Yep, afraid to sew. The precision frightens me away every time and sends me running for my trusty roll of fusible webbing aka Stitch Witchery. So, why did I want a copy of Torie Jayne's new book? Because!

Because Torie and I are longtime blogging friends. I adore her, I truly do. She even asked me to contribute to her first book How to Show and Sell Your Crafts. Here's pretty Torie in a feature from that book's press:

Okay, so why else would I want Torie's new book?

Because this book is as beautiful as I knew it would be. With Torie's fresh palette of seafoam, lavender and coral, details like ruffles and ball fringe, and photographs by Sussie Bell: it's a visual treat.

Because in addition to being a sewing book, it offers inventive decorating ideas like this padded headboard suspended with ties along a row of hooks. Brilliant!

Because there are projects like this rose garland that even a no-sew gal like me can handle with a glue gun.

Because with detailed instructions and a Getting Started section, maybe even I could try something like this bag for starters...

And work my way up to something like this!

{Or grab the Stitch Witchery... Or beg a friend who can sew... }

Congrats to Torie on Stylish Home Sewing and welcome to CICO Books {my publisher}!

Stylish Home Sewing by Torie Jayne, photography by Sussie Bell, is published by CICO Books. You can purchase your very own copy right here!

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