Sunday, September 26, 2010

are nests best?

Is it just me or does any shop with the word nest in its name turn out to be wonderful?

Shown with my Summer Treasure Box

Take for example Nest Pretty Things by Tamar, where I recently treated myself to this beautiful Genevieve necklace which has become an instant-favorite of mine (thank you to my Etsy customers for providing the funds). And, thank you to Jill at Little Nest Studio for reminding me about Tamar. {Jill recently treated herself, too!} Tamar also has a very cool blog about design goings-on in her shop and inspiring home -- which has been featured in Romantic Homes (I forget which issue).

The next nest is Nest of Mystic, Connecticut. I discovered this gem last month while my sister Dede was visiting.

The shop has opened in a new location but everything left at the old location is on sale. Big sale.

I took a ride to both locations last week. I was having a crummy day and needed a little "shop therapy." These sweet pots bursting with faux roses were a steal at just $6 for the complete set. If you're near Mystic, run to Nest's old location to see what's left of their Tag Sale (I believe through September 30th).

The final nest is actually the first nest for me, it's Nest of Cape May, New Jersey. A few summers ago, I saw this framed print, didn't buy it, but then couldn't get it out of my mind.

With a little encouragement from my sister Betsy, I quickly decided it was a must for the living room I was about to paint, ordered it by phone and picked it up on a Thanksgiving visit. Turns out it didn't work in the living room at all but is perfect in the Girlie Office.

Do you know of any great shops called Nest?


... am off to Tweet about nests!


NanaDiana said...

Elyse...I just love coming here for your tinkered up ideas! You just have the cutest blog and I love visiting you! I love nests too. I think the best nest is the once created by covers surrounding multiple kids visiting me. Morning finds them all in MY bed watching cartoons. Love that kind of nest...and love YOUR kind of nest too! Hugs- Diana

koralee said...

Oh it just has to be good with the word nest in the title...I soooo know I am a nester through and through!..That is why I love this time of year.

I remember that love love it.

hugs my friend.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I don't have any "nest" shops around me, but I love Marla's blog "Always Nesting" :-) I'm going to head over to the ones you mentioned.
I just featured a sweet site on my blog, and although I didn't share the photo, she has the cutest little bird in a nest somewhere on her site.
I know you'd love it :-)

aimee said...

that is a beautiful necklace. she makes beatiful jewlery. i think i will treat myself some day. love the other treasures too!

Suz said...

I think you must be right. Maybe it is because we all love our own nests so much!

Theresa said...

You are correct and I do know one... DAWN at the feathered nest!

Have a blessed day my friend!


luciwallis said...

Nest is such a wonderful word, does not surprise me of all the cuteness that surrounds it.

Heather said...

Oh, my children love reading "The Best Nest"...

"I love my house
I love my nest
In all the world
My nest is best!"

We made it into a little song we sing as we read it...and we are moving out of our first home in a week...where we've lived for the last 10 years. I keep hearing this song play in my head as I think about leaving. Something about "home" and the thought of "building YOUR nest" that is so comforting. I'm gonna miss my little nest...

I enjoy your blog, by the way, thanks for sharing!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I absolutely adore bird nests and couldnt agree with you more. There arent any shops in my area with nest in the name though....hmmm maybe I should open one.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Well, Elyse, I've had more than one person tell me lately that *I* am such a "nester". I guess I am!

Those little rose pots are super cute! ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, you are making me wish we had nest in our name. I have noticed that the 'nests' are charming! Twyla

debi said...

Love all your sweet 'nest' treasures! That necklace is so pretty...and so you!

Joyce said...

I was sure that my friend Karen would beat me to answer your post question. Our favorite shop is "Nesting on Main" in Concord Mass. The urge to nest is really strong this time of year. Time to get warm and cozy.

Lisa said...

Lovely necklace and nest! I think they are cozy!!

vintage treasures by jeanetteann said...

Love nests too, but love more your gorgeous floral picture,it's soooo pretty x

Jill said...

Ooooh! I looove that necklace! It was actually one of my faves when I was shopping there-- I'm so glad it went to you!

Thanks for the mention of my little blog~ BTW, I think that anything with the word cottage in it's name turns out to be wonderful too!


A Vintage Chic said...

So many beautiful finds in your nesting quest, Elyse--love them all! That necklace is a real beauty...

Hope you've had the loveliest day...


My Life Under the Bus said...

There's the Guilded Nest in Hmmm I think it's Ridgefield , Ct. They have a website you can check them out - Gorgeous stuff !!!

Brenda Kula said...

No, I don't know of any. But if I find some with "nest" in the name, I'll be sure to visit!

Shabbyfufu said...

Loving that necklace Elyse and just in your colors! Always enjoy popping over to see what you are up to....xo, Janet

Diane said...

Such a great boost to go out on a little shopping spree! I do love the word "Nest" it does conjure up all sorts of comforting thoughts. I think your sister similar to mine was a good influence, the painting is perfect! oxoxo, Diane

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

What a pretty necklace Elyse! xoxo

tales from an oc cottage said...

They are SO the best
and when you have a nest
who needs the rest?

❥ the pest ;}

Margaret said...

these are gorgeous :) i NEED to go on a treasure hunting spree for things like this as soon as exams are done
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx

Amy C said...

I totally agree.
These is a store in England called nest:
with lovely modernist furniture and glossy toy cars.

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Elyse,
Like you I know a bunch of bloggers with nest in their titles! I love your images. The necklace is so vintagy and the nest with the eggs is sweet in the wire basket.
Happy Fall!

Rose Brier Studio said...

I don't know any shops with "nest" in the title. My son did give me 3 abandoned birds' nests he found when taking out some ugly juniper bushes this summer. Does that count?

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Dear Elyse, I´m so happy that you have visited me, I´m honored, really!!!! I come here many times but not always live a message, but I so much love, love all the beautiful things you create, so lovely, so charming, so cozy!!!
hugs and joy my dear,
maria cecilia

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

~it sure does seem to be that way...doesn't it?~ How wonderful!

Anonymous said...

No shops with "nest" but lots of great blogs with Nest as part of their name!

Love those little pots of mini roses!! Gosh they look so real!

You find the sweetest things on your little jaunts Elyse! I gotta get out more - maybe I would find some cuties around! Still canning in the "spare" time- almost done I hope!

Food box day tomorrow at Aguilar ministry. We got the building all set up food pantry wise today and have 50 boxes ready to hand out. What a fun time that will be!! Now we just have to get to work on the clothing pantry side of things.

bee blessed

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

i love anything to do with nests!

elyse, thank you for sharing tamar with us! i love your necklace and am now trying to figure out which one i want to buy. her work is so sweet!

happy day to you, my friend,